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HPS Security provides armed escort protection officers for uniformed or plain clothes details security for co-ordination and transporting of assets and valuable commodities for different operations and corporate companies. We will escort your cargo to and from your premises. Our armed escorts will secure the route and observe the cargo until it is off-loaded at its destination. These escorts work closely with the client to ensure that the route pattern can be changed whenever necessary.

Every week we hear about armed robberies, hijackings and crime that costs the Government and Private Industry R90 billion a year. It is a reality that you have to make use of a reputable security company, Hlopi Protection, to deliver your items.

Personal Armed Escort Services

A professional bodyguard is available to escort you home safely at night (Gauteng only). You will be met by a highly trained and skilled professional bodyguard (to ensure your personal security) at a prearranged spot and then escorted back to your home. You will receive protection while you park your vehicle and enter your home, thereby reducing the risk of hijacking, assault or rape while you park your vehicle, and move to your home.
Police statistics show that most hijackings will occur when people enter or leave their premises, that it is when you are at your most vulnerable and most relaxed. Our service on offer to you is designed to minimize the risks that you will encounter when returning home. We will then proceed to check your home for forced entry or any intruders


Often clients require the transportation of valuables such as money, jewels, or software. In addition, certain proprietary information is valuable, and represents a significant loss to the individual or company if stolen.
HPS Security armed escort services is the best corporate and personal solution.
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